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Filming to occur in Grand Valley and Melancthon


Another television show is being filmed in Dufferin! This time, Grand Valley and Melancthon were chosen.

On May 11, the Grand Valley council discussed the topic of filming taking place in town for the show ‘Ruby and the Well’ from the production company Shaftesbury.

“It will be busy when they are here in town,” affirmed Grand Valley’s Chief Administrative Officer Meghan.

According to Townsend, the production crew will be setting up for filming on Friday, May 14. They’ll start on Belwood Road, moving to County Road 25, and then into the town proper ‘where Ruby lives,’ up unto Fife Road. The crew will return next week, from May 19-21, to shoot scenes at various other locations in town, including South Luther Cemetery.

“There will be drones and vehicles around,” explained Townsend. “We’re still sorting out the exact final details of where they’ll be parking, but they are circulating notices.”

This isn’t the first time that Shaftesbury has chosen Grand Valley as a location for its shows. The second season of its suspense drama, ‘Departure,’ was shot in Grand Valley last fall. Many scenes were filmed along the town’s main street, including the community centre, the old schoolhouse, and what was formerly Marie’s restaurant.

“The people from Departure must have been impressed enough to come back,” asserted Grand Valley’s Mayor Steve Soloman at the council meeting. “I guess maybe a testament to the town helping them out.”

Townsend shared that the Grand Valley and District Community Centre would be used for the production’s staging area for their trucks and setup.

“There will be quite a bit of equipment similar to when Departure was here,” stated Townsend. “Same kind of trucks and people.”

According to Shaftesbury, Ruby and the Well is a family show about 12-year old Ruby and her father inheriting an apple orchard. The pair is disappointed to discover that the orchard and the surrounding region are ‘dried up.’ Everything seems hopeless until Ruby finds an enchanted wishing well on the property and becomes the well’s new ‘keeper’. It’s Ruby’s responsibility to grant all of the unfulfilled wishes in the well to rejuvenate the orchard and the valley around it.

Melancthon will also be the location for scenes of Ruby and the Well after the township’s council agreed to a special events permit that would allow for approximately 100 people. According to the permit, filming is allowed to occur on May 14, from 7 am – 11 pm. The filming location would be on the 8th Line between Highway 89 and Sideroad 280. Assurances were made to council that the production crew would follow safety protocols related to COVID.

Dufferin was recently the site of another production called Overlord and the Underwoods. Marblemedia, the company making the show, shot scenes in Mono and Orangeville.

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