Our Team

At Dufferin’s Spotlight, we take advantage of our diversity, especially when it comes to education and employment. This improves our ability to relate to both our interviewees and audience while demonstrating that work ethic and versatility are the key factors behind our success. Find more about our individual team members below.

Josh MacEwen – Editor-in-Chief, Dufferin News | Host/Producer, Dufferin’s Spotlight

Josh was born in and resides in Dufferin. From an early age, he displayed a strong interest in technology and its impact on society. This interest, in combination with spending a large portion of his childhood at his father’s business, resulted in him fixating on seeing things done as efficiently as possible. Josh attended Carleton University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, which has led to a career where he specializes in business process improvement. In addition to co-hosting Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business with Rob, Josh manages content production for the company. If you have any concerns regarding our programming, he’s the one to speak with.