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As previously reported, Amaranth Mayor Currie announced his intention to resign at the September 2 township council meeting during a closed session, but written notice has yet to be received. The audio of the meeting was previously unavailable, but a portion of it was moved to open session. The contents are surprising.

Dufferin News was originally alerted to Amaranth’s Mayor Bob Currie’s supposed resignation through a Facebook post made by Deputy Mayor Chris Gerrits. This occurred shortly after Dufferin News was alerted by former Councillor Mark Tijssen that he was resigning, which the Deputy Mayor referred to in his Facebook post. Josh MacEwen of Dufferin News contacted Bob Currie at that time but he was not willing to answer questions on this matter.

Mayor Bob Currie has attended at least two Amaranth Township Council meetings and one Dufferin County Council meeting since his verbal resignation announcement. If it has been discussed in an open session, it is not known to Dufferin News. That being said, during the Amaranth council meeting on September 16, the council voted to make a portion of the closed session of the September 2 meeting open. This newly available information confirmed that, in a rage, Mayor Currie announced his resignation and insulted council members on his way out. It sounded like he expected somebody else to leave with him, but that did not occur.

Currie’s outburst was spurred by the council’s refusal to allow him to give a tour of the township to new staff. According to the recording, and further conversations with Deputy Mayor Gerrits and Amaranth’s acting CAO Nicole Martin, the only person who expressed their desire to participate in this was Mayor Bob Currie. It was felt by all involved, except for Amaranth Mayor Currie, that Amaranth’s Director of Public works could do this in a township truck if it was ever necessary. He repeated his request, and Councillor Gail Little asserted council’s refusal. This led to Currie angrily yelling his resignation and his intentions never to return, while calling fellow council members ‘scumbags’ and ‘trash’, in addition to shouting “SHUT UP!” before leaving.

Currie sits on Amaranth Township and Dufferin County councils. As mentioned, to the knowledge of Dufferin News, this situation has not been explicitly discussed during open sessions either. The only reference to it was in relation to opening up a portion of the closed meeting. On top of this, residents have the chance to ask for this to be addressed during the Question Periods. Nobody has done so yet. Will anybody attempt to hold Mayor Currie to account for his actions?


Correction July 12, 2021 – It was reported that Mayor Currie’s outburst was a result of council refusing to allow him to charge for mileage as a result of the township to new staff. An integrity commissioner report on the matter has since confirmed that the matter of charging for mileage was never discussed.


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  1. Mayor Currie, we demand your immediate written resignation. You are an embarrassment to taxpayers, our township and other members of council that you attack.

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