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Orangeville Library Consolidation: Who Gets Hurt?

There’s a recommendation, contained within the Town of Orangeville’s Recreation and Parks Master Plan, to consolidate the Orangeville Library into one branch. This would result in the library’s services no longer being available on Mill Street. Who does this affect? Kim Van Ryn of Branching Out Support Services discusses how the most vulnerable may be the most impacted if the Orangeville Library consolidation were to occur.

The proposed location for the consolidation of the Orangeville Library is the Alder Street Arena. This could harm the most vulnerable members of our community, as many people with developmental differences and mobility issues would have reduced or non-existent access to the library’s services. As someone who runs a day program for adults with developmental differences, Kim is highly aware of how important the library is to at-risk populations and its function as a community hub.

Kim shares how the Mill Street branch of the Orangeville Library factors into her business, Branching Out Support Services, and how integral it is to the growth of those who attend her day program. In addition to easy access to library services, Kim explains that the Mill Street branch has given the BOSS crew more opportunity to be involved in the community. She attributes this to the library’s tremendous staff, plenty of volunteer opportunities, and the branch’s location in the downtown core. Kim also tells us about other groups, such as seniors, that would be affected if the Mill Street branch of the Orangeville Library were to close.

We also discuss how the proposed changes at Tony Rose Arena would affect Kim, her business, and other groups in town. She explains how nonprofits make use of the available space at Tony Rose due to its affordability. Kim tells us how the BOSS crew almost exclusively uses the pool at Tony Rose, versus the one at the Alder Street Recreation Centre, due to restrictions put in place at Alder. Kim finishes up by sharing how important it is to pursue these issues through official channels, not just on social media. Going on the record through written responses and delegations is the way to achieve real change.

This is the video that Kim posted on Facebook where she shares her letter on the proposed Orangeville Library consolidation to Orangeville’s town council. This video was taken before the council meeting was moved to July 27th. Kim Van Ryn will be speaking for herself, and for those who cannot speak for themselves, on this matter at the July 27th council meeting.

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