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Hansen Development: Discussion with Darrin Davidson

Welcome to the launch of Dufferin News! For our first piece, we’re discussing the updates on the Hansen Development with Darrin Davidson. Darrin is the former chair of the Hansen High Density Awareness Group, which is formed of citizens who have raised concerns about this project to the Orangeville town council. With the recent approval of 541 new homes, this group of citizens feel like there are many factors that have been left out of this decision. This group has provided several alternative solutions for use of the Hansen land, and other locations for development, with little acknowledgement on the part of council.

In addition to running for mayor of Orangeville during the last election, Darrin Davidson is an active and involved community member. As someone who is informed and affected by this issue, we value his thoughts on this topic. Darrin’s website and social media details are below.

If you are somebody who has been significantly involved in the situation surrounding the Hansen Development, and would like to share your thoughts on the Hansen Development, please feel free to e-mail tips@dufferin.news. If we feel that it would be of interest to the community, and is relevant to the topic, you may be featured on Dufferin Speaks. Dufferin Speaks is the community opinion segment of Dufferin News.

Clips of this interview will be available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYBuQeXZ-SKd1sUGYHGRUwQ?

Contact Information for Darrin Davidson:


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