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A New Magazine with A ‘Local Purpose’ is On Its Way!

After raising more than $7,000 for a multitude of causes in 2020, one local business owner is finding ways to make this year even more of a success. Jessica Medeiros, Coordinator of the Shop With Purpose Market, discusses what her company has in store for the people of Dufferin for 2021. They’ve started their Mug of the Month initiative, which we review, as well as talk about February’s markets and the beneficiary. Furthermore, we chat about The Local Purpose, the new magazine that Shop with Purpose is launching, with the first issue coming out on March 1st. If you are an advertiser or writer interested in appearing in this publication, be sure to watch this to learn more!

If you missed our first segment with Jessica Medeiros on the Shop with Purpose Market from last September, it is available here.

Shop with Purpose Market

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