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Shelburne Names Members to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

At a special meeting of council for the Town of Shelburne held on March 25, 2021, The Town of Shelburne made its appointments to its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee.

The following community members were appointed

  • Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson
  • David Egbert
  • Harleen Toor
  • Jonathan Lemoine
  • Karen Lang
  • Marcia Murdock
  • Soha Soliman
  • Tonja McFarlane

Furthermore, the terms of reference were changed so that the council members appointed to form the committee increased from two to three. The council members forming the committee for the remainder of the term are

  • Deputy Mayor Steve Anderson
  • Councillor Kyle Fegan
  • Councillor Lindsay Wegener

“I would like to say to all of the applicants, council was most impressed with the quality of applications and the quality of candidates who expressed interest. Unfortunately we were not able to take all, but that said, we do sincerely hope that each and every candidate who expressed an interest and applied will stay engaged in the process. I fully suspect that as this committee gets its legs under it and begins to develop a workplan, there will be ample for different sub-committees or working groups within the larger committee,” asserted Shelburne’s Mayor Wade Mills.

At the beginning of the meeting, the mayor acknowledged the rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes and the spa shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, where eight people, including six Asian-American women, were killed. On behalf of the town, Mayor Mills reaffirmed its commitment to stand against “hate, racism, misogyny, and violence in general.” The Town of Shelburne also put out a media release related to the matter earlier that day.

“As we collectively process and grieve this tragic and senseless loss of life, we stand in solidarity with the families and communities that have experienced hate and violence, including those who are living in our community,” declared Mills. “No one should feel unsafe, harassed, or that they do not belong. In response to concerns around race and gender-based violence, racism, and discrimination, this town council has taken steps to establish a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee who will have a broad mandate to inform and guide council on this issue going forward.”

Mayor Mills continued.

“I ask that each resident join in this effort as we continue to bend the ark of history towards justice and build a more inclusive society for all.”

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