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Discussion on Development – Orangeville Councillor Todd Taylor

In a follow-up to our first segment of Dufferin Speaks with Darrin Davidson, where we discussed the Hansen Development in Orangeville, we are joined by Councillor Todd Taylor of Orangeville who was kind enough to provide us with his time to discuss development in the town of Orangeville. He also provided his outlook on the town’s future. This discussion will be clipped for easier viewing. We thank Councillor Taylor for his time, and we hope you enjoy this edition of Dufferin Speaks.

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Our discussion with Orangeville’s Councillor Todd Taylor began with the Hansen Development and he addresses concerns that the risk of flooding will increase as a result of this development going through.

As Councillor Taylor mentions, flooding isn’t his chief concern with the Hansen Development. There have been a lot of issues raised with the Hansen Development. He explains his reasoning for opposing the Hansen development.

When we spoke with Darrin Davidson about the Hansen Development, one of his primary concerns was that all of the alternatives were not being considered. We asked Councillor Taylor to address this.

Residents of the Town of Mono that live close to the proposed Hansen development were vocal with their opposition. Councillor Taylor shares how his views may not have aligned with theirs, even though he was also opposed to the development. He also mentions how the town may soon run out of room to develop, especially in a way that leaves options that result in long-term benefits to the town.

People have been curious as to why there is only one entrance into the Veteran’s Way subdivision, and if a second one is contingent on the developer funding a bridge. Councillor Taylor answers this question.

There is lots of development occurring in Orangeville in addition to the Hansen Development. Councillor Taylor explains the need to develop. He also discusses some dynamics of council politics.

Our discussion with Orangeville’s Councillor Todd Taylor closed with his outlook for the future and his hopes for the community. We also mention an upcoming event that the people of Dufferin can look forward to!


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