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Amaranth Council Meeting Cancelled – Amaranth Pride Flag Recap

Amaranth Council’s meeting on July 2, 2020, was cancelled. This is the first regular council meeting since Amaranth Mayor Bob Currie argued against raising the pride flag at the township office. Josh MacEwen explains why the meeting was cancelled and provides a summary of what’s taken place so far.

On the agenda for the July 2 Council meeting was a notice of motion from Councillor Mark Tijssen and Councillor Heather Foster to put forth a flag protocol and proclamation policy that would make it easier to address concerns, like the lack of a pride flag, in the future. In addition to this notice of motion, there were over 80 comments that were slated to be read during the public question period, all related to the Mayor’s comments. Josh analyzed the comments to see how many were speaking against the mayor’s views on the flag, and how many were confirmed to be from residents of Amaranth.

As of the recording of this segment, the petition to have Bob Currie removed as the mayor of Amaranth has reached over 15,000 signatures. The link to the petition is here.

We also recap how Councillor Gail Little and Deputy Mayor Chris Gerrits presented the pride flag on June 27, 2020. This was after Councillor Little’s earlier attempt to have the pride flag raised, with the assistance of Deputy Mayor Gerrits, was thwarted due to lack of attendance at a Special Council Meeting by the other councillors.

The next regular council meeting is scheduled for July 15th, which will provide an opportunity for the matters meant for the July 2nd meeting to still be reviewed. We will provide updates as they come.


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