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Grand Valley Councillor Gives Notice of Resignation

Grand Valley Councillor Resigns

There will be a need for a new Grand Valley councillor soon.

On May 11, 2021, at Grand Valley’s council meeting, Mayor Steve Soloman notified attendees that Councillor Elizabeth Taylor had resigned.

“We have, with real reluctance, but with acceptance and understanding, accepted the resignation of Councillor Liz Taylor from council,” announced Mayor Steve Soloman.

According to the Municipal Act, Grand Valley’s council has 60 days to call a byelection or appoint someone to fill the seat. That said, currently, there do not seem to be enforced consequences if the deadline is missed. Many councils, including Amaranth and Melancthon, surpassed the sixty days when going through the process to fill their vacancies.

This won’t be Grand Valley council’s first rodeo when it comes to filling a vacancy. In 2019, Sam Pringle resigned, and council decided to appoint his replacement from those who were nominated and expressed interest. Pringle’s seat was filled by now-Councillor Steve Miles.

If the new Grand Valley councillor is appointed through nomination, it does not restrict the option for public input. When Melancthon needed to fill its vacancy earlier this year, council held an open session through Zoom, moderated by the Dufferin Board of Trade, where the public asked questions of those nominated. This was followed by a separate meeting where council members could each ask two questions of the applicants.

Mayor Soloman mentioned that Taylor’s seat would be declared vacant at council’s next meeting on May 25.

“I’m going to miss her a lot,” said Soloman, thanking Taylor for all of the ‘hard work and compassion’ she had put into ‘pushing the town forward’ during her fourteen years on council. “She has been a very devoted councillor.”

Elizabeth Taylor could not be reached for comment. Dufferin News has not seen or received any indications that Taylor’s resignation results from tension on council or between specific councilmembers. Dufferin News will provide updates if they are forthcoming.

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