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Candidates Seeking Vacant Seat Questioned By Melancthon’s Council

On Thursday, March 18th, 2021, during the Township of Melancthon’s council meeting, candidates looking to fill the vacant seat had the opportunity to address council and answer their questions.

At least, three out of four of them did. 

Candidate Jim Turner did not attend the meeting. According to Melancthon’s Mayor Darren White, Turner had a family emergency. White said this would not preclude him from the nomination, although it may ‘weigh on the final decisions of council.’

The candidates that did attend include Thomas Reid, Alan Wilson, and James McLean. Earlier this month, on March 8th, the public had the opportunity to pose their inquiries to the applicants during an All-Candidates meeting hosted by the Dufferin Board of Trade. One can find biographies of each candidate in the agenda for the March 18th council meeting

Council members were permitted to ask up to two questions of each applicant, with a two-minute response time given. The candidates had five minutes to make an opening statement, which mostly resembled what was communicated at the all-candidates meeting. Candidates were placed in the Zoom waiting room until it was their turn to go before council.

The questions asked by the members of Melancthon’s council included:

  • What, in your opinion, are the challenges and opportunities facing a rural township such as Melancthon? asked by Mayor Darren White
  • The future of the North Dufferin Community Centre could be a major expense for the municipality. The old building is facing the end of its viability. Are you in favour of Mulmur and Melancthon pursuing a new facility’s construction if federal and provincial funding is available? asked by Deputy Mayor Dave Besley
  • In a recent study on business in Dufferin County, the Township of Melancthon received several negative reviews. In regards to allowing for the growth and expansion of the existing businesses and attracting new businesses, are you in favour of growth and expansion in the municipality, or are you comfortable with the status quo? asked by Deputy Mayor Dave Besley
  • With our Roads Management Plan, how important do you think it is in the budget process, and how many years out should we be budgeting out to accommodate it? asked by Councillor Wayne Hannon
  • If a member of council, or the council itself, were to hold a meeting that did not comply with the Open Meeting Rules as per the Municipal Act, in that situation, what would you think your duty would be as a council member and how would you address it? asked by Councillor Wayne Hannon.
  • What qualities do you think you would personally add to the council, and what areas would you be less strong and need to defer to other councillors on? asked by Councillor Margaret Mercer
  • What would you do if a resident contacted you to advocate on an issue that you personally did not agree with? asked by Councillor Margaret Mercer

On Monday, March 22nd, at 10 am, Melancthon’s council is scheduled to have a special meeting to deliberate on who they will appoint to the vacant seat for the term’s remainder. Mayor Darren White explained that if the council cannot reach a consensus, they would perform a series of votes until it was clear which candidate was most favoured by the majority.

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