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“Please…symptoms can widely range…don’t assume it’s just a cold!”

A letter concerning the two COVID cases at Montgomery Village Public School - originally reported on October 15, 2020

In a follow-up to a story Dufferin News reported on October 15th, regarding two cases of COVID being confirmed among the school community at Montgomery Village Public School, a letter was submitted to the editor on behalf of the family involved. The author will be kept anonymous to maintain privacy.

“I feel the need to have this posted as it may help others in our community. I tested positive for COVID-19 and unfortunately, it went through our entire family. Yes, my children are the ones from MVPS who tested positive.

My first symptoms were a raw throat and slight cough. I was tested the next day and 27 hours later I received a positive result. We had made the decision to isolate our entire family while I waited for test results which is not a requirement of public health. Had we not made that decision, we were told a minimum of 87 people could have been put into a 2 week quarantine. Due to our decision our children were in quarantine during their contagious period. If there had been a risk to the school, public health would have stepped in and quarantined everyone exposed.

No one believed based on my symptoms that it could have been COVID-19, it felt like a very minor cold. I always wear my mask, socially distance and wash my hands. What we have been told is that I most likely got a low viral load because of my mask wearing and constant hand washing which helped to give most of us a mild case.

My first 6 days felt like an annoying head cold. Fortunately when it got worse it was not debilitating.

Child #1 only had a slight cough for about 12 hours and stuffy nose for 3 days. SO MILD!!!!! Since day 4 child #1 has been symptom free and had we not tested and been in quarantine (and instead just waited the required time before returning to school)…they would have been an asymptomatic carrier in a classroom.

Child #2 had a rough time due to a pre-existing condition.

My spouse had a stuffy nose for 4 days….THAT’S IT!!!!

Please…symptoms can widely range…don’t assume it’s just a cold! I got tested and quarantined our family immediately out of an abundance of caution and I am so happy I did. Our family produced zero community spread.

Lastly, COVID is scary and we know there is a huge stigma. To the individuals who were posting personal information such as the kids grades, we understand everyone is scared but please try and think of those who are sick, we did not ask for this. If there was risk to your family…you would have already received a call from public health before this hit the news.”

– Anonymous

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