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Orangeville Food Bank Has Officially Moved!

The Orangeville Food Bank has officially moved to its new location! They can now be found at 3 Commerce Road in Orangeville, which is almost right across the road from their old location. Heather Hayes, executive director of the Orangeville Food Bank, joins us to discuss the details around the move.

Heather shares why it was necessary for the Orangeville Food Bank to move, along with the benefits that the new location provides. In addition to this, she informs us of what people can expect when accessing and donating to the food bank.

Heather then explains the challenges that come with moving to the new location, which many of us can relate to. Heather then shares what the Orangeville Food Bank is looking for right now, and what else people can do to help support their fellow community members. The interview finishes with Heather giving a big thank you to the community

Orangeville Food Bank


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