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Master Minecraft Camp – An Accessible Camp for Summer 2020

Many summer camps are shut down this year. Garret Langlois has come up with an innovative solution. Garret is the founder of Master Minecraft Camp, which uses Minecraft and Discord servers as the platforms for an online camp. Book your spot today at!

Master Minecraft Camp is open for bookings weekly, with a new program starting each week. Programs include Building, Survival, PVP, and Redstone, which can help campers learn real-world concepts. This includes spatial reasoning, teamwork, and even circuitry. Some people have even built working computers in Minecraft! The first week starts July 20 and lasts for a total of five days. Each day runs for approximately three hours, from 10 am to 1 pm, featuring a variety of activities and lessons.

Although based in Dufferin, Master Minecraft Camp is available to anybody with Minecraft Bedrock Edition and the online chat application Discord. Both of these are available on a wide variety of devices, which when combined with the price, makes Master Minecraft Camp more accessible than many comparable camps.

While the platforms used to make up Master Minecraft Camp are designed for accessibility, Garret has designed the camp with safety in mind. Moderation bots, whitelists, and other methods have been employed to ensure security for all campers.

Oh, we forgot to mention one of the best parts of Master Minecraft Camp, some of the proceeds go to the Orangeville Food Bank!

On top of being the founder of Master Minecraft Camp, Garret Langlois is a local student in Dufferin who swims with the Orangeville Otters.

Check out and the Master Minecraft YouTube channel to learn more:

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