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Your Chosen Non-Profit May Benefit From $1 Million Initiative

Do you have a favourite non-profit? Would that organization be able to do more good in the world if they received more donations? If yes, then you will be interested in this! Dufferin Media is stewarding a $1 million initiative that will benefit 100 charities and non-profits. Nominations are open for all registered non-profits and charities. The intention is to have as wide of an impact as possible, so the organization you nominate does not need to be located in Dufferin!

Sarah Clarke, the founder of Dufferin Media, joins us today to explain this initiative. We also discuss Dufferin Media Cares, the newest division of Dufferin Media, in addition to some of the work that they are currently doing with non-profits.

Before nominating a non-profit, make sure to obtain their permission and their preferred method of contact. Notifying them in advance will allow them to develop a plan for how they will spend the donation, which helps increase their chances of being selected. This helps ensure donations are sent to the organizations that will maximize the benefits!

The link for nominations is below, which closes June 30th, so move quickly!

Dufferin MediaSarah Clarke

Full Disclosure: Dufferin Media and Dufferin’s Spotlight formed a strategic alliance earlier this year. To learn more details, check out this press release.

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