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Amaranth Mayor’s Pride Comments & Council’s Reaction

Bob Currie, the mayor of Amaranth, made remarks about Pride that many would consider homophobic. We have the recording of Amaranth’s town council’s immediate reaction to this. Did anybody speak out in support of the LGTBQ community?

Silence on homophobic remarks… Outspoken support for a drive-thru Ribfest… all in under 10 minutes.

Please share your opinions on how Amaranth’s Council handled this. Is this leadership? What would you have done?

We have the full audio clip of Amaranth Mayor Bob Currie’s answer to why Amaranth hasn’t raised the pride flag, in addition to how the rest of the council immediately reacted to this. Included is audio of how council treated the next proposal, in order to contrast and how they all made sure to vocalize their opinions on this issue.


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