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Amaranth Residents Call Out Mayor Currie’s Empty Threat

Following the release of an audio recording of Mayor Bob Currie’s threat to resign from his position at the September 2nd council meeting, and the lack of acknowledgement at subsequent meetings, Amaranth residents are urging the mayor to follow through and vacate his seat. Will the mayor listen to the taxpayers in order to, as one resident puts it, still be considered a man of his word?

During the public question period at the township council meeting held on October 7th, several Amaranth residents expressed their concerns regarding Mayor Bob Currie’s behaviour at the September 2nd meeting where he insulted fellow council members, yelled at Councillor Gail Little to shut up, and stated his intentions to resign. Concerns over the Mayor’s dependability and integrity were also raised.

Councillor Gail Little implored the mayor to listen to Amaranth’s ratepayers. Mayor Currie stated that he was aware of the contents of the letters. He avoided addressing the ratepayers’ comments directly and proceeded on with the rest of the meeting.

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