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Cannabis in Dufferin: What’s going on in Grand Valley?


Grand Valley may be getting its first recreational cannabis retailer later this year.

During the Grand Valley Council meeting held on April 13, 2021, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Meghan Townsend provided notice that the Town would be receiving $5,000 to put towards ‘canabis impacts to our community.’ The provincial government grants this money to municipalities through the Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund (OCLIF). As of now, this is the fourth and final scheduled payment of the OCLIF, with this being one of two grants that went exclusively to municipalities that opted into hosting private retail stores. OCLIF money is allocated to towns on a per-household basis, the minimum allowance being $5,000. The first OCLIF cheques went to all districts, regardless of their intention to host retail cannabis stores. The second provided $5,000 to towns that opted out, with those opting-in possibly getting more if they had enough homes. As mentioned previously, the last two installments went only to those who opted-in. 

“We’re not talking big bucks here,” said Townsend.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, OCLIF funding can only be used to ‘address the implementation of recreational cannabis.’ This includes satisfying charges related to increased enforcement relating to by-law, public health, police, as well as related litigation and court administration. Additionally, the Town can use it for recovering expenses stemming from increased paramedic and fire services and responses to public inquiries. If by-laws relating to police, workplace safety, and public health are required as a result of legalized cannabis, municipalities can use this money to develop such.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s (AGCO) map of cannabis retail stores in the province shows that there is currently one applicant looking to obtain a license to open a shop in Grand Valley. The petitioner has applied to open several locations throughout Ontario, including Shelburne. When contacted, the applicant specified that they are set to open their Shelburne store as soon as next week, having already undergone the public notice period in 2020. According to the AGCO, the public notice date has yet to be decided for the Grand Valley location. Furthermore, Dufferin News was notified by the candidate that the expected opening for the Grand Valley site is in September.

To see the progress of Ontario’s development of cannabis retail stores, check out AGCO’s map here.

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