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New TV Show Will Be Filmed In Town of Mono


If you see an alien chasing some kids in the Town of Mono, don’t be alarmed.

On April 13, Paul Franklin of Marblemedia made a delegation to the Town of Mono’s council regarding a filming permit for a new television series to be shot on Riverside Drive and Willow Crescent. The show’s title is ‘Overlord and the Underwoods,’ which Franklin described as a family series featuring an alien in ‘an intergalactic witness protection program and is hiding out in the attic of a suburban home.’ One of the showrunners, Anthony Q. Farrell, worked on NBC’s ‘The Office,’ in addition to CBC’s ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie.’ The application for the permit was approved by Council unanimously. 

Mono’s Deputy Mayor John Creelman asked Franklin if the show’s concepts were inspired by ‘My Favourite Martian’. Franklin responded that he was unsure, along with the following.

“Let me just put it this way, Overlord is not nearly as nice as the Martian; he’s kind of a jerk,” laughed Franklin. “Through that, he brings the family together.”

Barring extreme weather events, the filming of the opening two of five blocks for the show’s first season will occur from 7 am to 8 pm, May 5-7. All scenes recorded in Mono will be outdoors, as the interior scenes will be taped at a studio in Kleinburg. The production in Mono will involve intermittent traffic stops up to five minutes in duration, causing minor delays on Riverside Drive and Willow Crescent. Appropriate signage will be put in place for those entering the area. Vehicles associated with the production will be parked nearby shooting locations, which may cause further impediments to residents and trail users. 

“Film crews, you’ll find, are a lot like goldfish. We will grow to the size of our bowls,” explained Paul Franklin in response to a question regarding parking requirements. “If you give us a limitation, we will certainly act within it.” 

According to Paul Franklin, there would also be a scene on the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail coming off of Hockley Road where the alien would be chasing around some kids. The trail will not be closed for the duration of filming, although those using it may be requested to stop for several minutes while filming is taking place.

Marblemedia has a history in Dufferin County. Based in Toronto, the company produced ‘Splatalot,’ described as a medieval-style ‘Wipeout’ for teens, all 52 episodes of which were filmed in Amaranth. It aired on YTV in Canada and other networks across North America and Europe for two seasons, with the last episode airing in 2013. The set remained on the land owned by Marblemedia after the show ended, as there were plans to repurpose it. Eventually, it became an unauthorized attraction before it was demolished in 2019. A few years prior, The Orangeville Banner reported that Amaranth’s Council formally requested Marblemedia to do more to limit trespassers on the property.

Councillor Sharon Martin mentioned that the Town of Mono had worked with Marblemedia previously with satisfactory results.

“They certainly do an excellent job; by the time they’ve left, you have no idea they’ve been there,” said Martin.

While many businesses, such as those in the personal care sector, have been forced to shut down entirely for long periods during the pandemic, the film industry has been able to operate due to implementing the required workplace safety protocols. Testing for COVID-19, hiring a COVID-19 specialist, disinfecting areas, and limiting the number of people physically on set, are just some examples of the measures that Paul Franklin mentioned film crews have implemented. 

Kim Heaton, the Town of Mono’s Director of Recreation, shared that Marblemedia sent her their COVID-19 safety plan for the production. Heaton said the plan was ‘extensive’ and how it went ‘over and above the rules set out by our government.’

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