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Shelburne’s Deck The Door Contest 2020 has a Victor!

Shelburne's Deck The Door Contest 2020 has a Victor! - Right to Left
(Left to right) Dufferin County Canadian Black Association’s President Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson, Shelburne’s Deck the Door Contest Winner Julian Samuels, Shelburne’s Mayor Wade Mills, and Shelburne’s Deputy Mayor Steve Anderson

On December 14th, The Town of Shelburne named its winner of the Deck the Door Contest for 2020, and it is Julian Samuels, co-owner of Paradise Hill Banquet Services.

A red entry door furnished with dual decorative wreathes and adorned with ornate garland, made by Samuels herself, were not all that led to this Shelburne resident’s victory. Giant Christmas bulbs, bows, garnished plants with custom-beautified vases, in addition to a replica of the Eiffel Tower all contributed to Julian Samuels being awarded the prize of $100 gift certificate to a local business of her choice, which was the African Caribbean Grocery that opened earlier this year. Shelburne’s Mayor Wade Mills, Deputy Mayor Steve Anderson, and Dufferin County Canadian Black Association’s President Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson were all there to take part in the presentation of the award.

The Town of Shelburne held its Deck The Door contest from November 18th to December 10th, with the municipality’s inhabitants uploading and submitting pictures of their front doors to be considered. Shelburne’s citizens were then encouraged to vote for the door that showed the best holiday spirit.

It was clear that this is a passion for Samuels and about more than just winning a contest. It was an effective way to promote her business, Paradise Hill Banquet Services. Samuels stated how she had helped other participants with their submissions, demonstrating that her decorating skills were well-recognized. In the end, the proprietor of Paradise Hill came out the prizewinner of the competition, consisting of ten other entries, with over 800 votes in her favour.

Paradise Hill Banquet Services caters to those hosting weddings, coordinating celebratory events, as well as providing rental furnishings for events and home staging. Paradise Hill can also assist with home décor and interior makeovers. Given all of this, it is quite evident that Samuels was well-equipped to become the champion of Shelburne’s Deck the Door contest for 2020.

Refusing to simply rest on her laurels, Julian Samuels proclaimed that she would see everybody again in 2021, indicating that the figurative crown would not be given up easily.

“You will see this door again next year!”

After seeing this year’s winning submission, it is evident that any future challengers will need to bring their ‘ A game’ to their front door if they hope to compete in Shelburne’s Deck the Door Contest for 2021.

Paradise Hill Banquet Services

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