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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 – Light a Candle!

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Although COVID can harm the body of those who catch it, it is attacking the mental health of everybody. This takes a toll, especially when compounded with the amount of loss people have experienced this year. These losses include livelihoods and loved ones. Furthermore, almost all of us are losing out on enjoying their lives, especially those isolated from others. All of this affects one’s well-being and has caused many to contemplate suicide. World Suicide Prevention Day is an annual event, but given how 2020 has gone, it is important we all acknowledge it this year. It is even more important that we recognize that we need to continue this mission every day going forward.

Heather Glenister, Coordinator for the Suicide Awareness Council of Wellington-Dufferin shares details about World Suicide Prevention Day, including how to participate. There is both a concert and seminar occurring on the evening of September 10th, on top of a countdown that has been taking place on social media over the ten days leading up to it. One way to express one’s support for World Suicide Prevention Day is to light a candle this evening and place it next to a window at 8 pm.

Heather lets viewers know more about the Suicide Awareness Council of Wellington-Dufferin, including how one can join and what being a member entails. Most importantly, Heather informs us of what it takes to prevent suicide, and many will be surprised to hear that it doesn’t take special training. That being said, related training is discussed and can be obtained through the CMHA for Peel-Dufferin.

The Suicide Awareness Council of Wellington-Dufferin does not provide crisis support, but if one needs these services, call the 24/7 Crisis Support Line for Peel-Dufferin: 905-278-9036 or 1-888-811-2222.

Suicide Awareness Council of Wellington-Dufferin

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