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HUGE Dinner Party This Weekend… Don’t worry, it’s safe!

There’s a big dinner party on Saturday, September 12, and everyone is invited! How is this happening with COVID and the need to stay safe by not gathering in large groups? The Orangeville Food Bank has solved it in order to host the Feast of Longing! Heather Hayes, Executive Director of the Orangeville Food Bank joins us to share the details!

One can take part in the Feast of Longing by registering through the Orangeville Food Bank’s website, which also allows you to easily make a donation. On Saturday, through the Orangeville Food Bank’s Facebook page people can send in their photos and videos of their dinner party, recipes, and stories of memories, along with details on who is being honoured and the relation to supporting friends, family and neighbours who may be currently hungry, or have been in the past. These memories will then be shared with the community through their Facebook page. The more people who attend, the bigger the feast. The more donations, the bigger future feasts will be for more people!

Josh will be attending the Feast of Longing! Will he see you there?

Orangeville Food Bank
Phone: 519-942-0638
Address: 3 Commerce Road, Orangeville

References – Feast of Longing Virtual Dinner Party

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