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Need Help! Orangeville Food Bank + Orangeville Legion

The Orangeville Food Bank is in need of some specific food contributions. Sarah Clarke, founder of our partner Dufferin Media and a volunteer at the Food Bank sent in a video to let us know exactly what they require. In addition to this, the Orangeville Legion, Branch 233 of the Royal Canadian Legion, has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to help mitigate the effects of COVID. Josh MacEwen explains more.

Dufferin MediaSarah Clarke

As stated by Sarah, the Orangeville Food Bank is pretty much always in need of jarred and tin fruits, fruit cups, and apple sauce! According to the Orangeville Food Bank’s website, to make small non-perishable food contributions, one can drop them off in the Food Bank bin at any grocery store or into the blue donation bin at the front door of the food bank which is located at 3 Commerce Road. If the contributions are larger or perishable, the hours are 9 am-1 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Orangeville Food Bank

If you have any videos that you think would be newsworthy and would like to share through Dufferin News send them to us through our social media channels, e-mail, or text 1-833-424-0251! Thanks to Sarah Clarke for being the first to do this!

Another organization in Orangeville that benefits our community greatly, and is also in need of support, is our local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 233. Now, according to their website, the Orangeville Legion has been hit hard by COVID as they rely on income from renting their hall, in addition to food and bar sales. They had insurance protecting them against loss of income, but their claims were denied. 

So far, legions have been excluded from the government’s financial support packages. When you combine this with the fact that the Orangeville Legion experienced a fire and a flood recently, which was reported by many of our local news outlets, one can see that the Orangeville Legion is in need of community support. This matters, as they’ve been supporting our community in more ways than many of us know.

Orangeville Legion

A GoFundMe page was launched recently, which is linked to below, and it has a goal of $10,000. As per the GoFundMe page, “The legion supports our military veterans and their families. In our community our legion also donates to many charities including the food bank, hospital and gives support to seniors and youth in our town. Our legion is a non profit organization which is run by volunteers.” Cheques can be donated to this cause by contacting the legion directly through their website,

Looking out for each other is the only way we are going to get through this, and many will find it gratifying to see evidence that this is occurring in Dufferin.

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