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At Dufferin’s Spotlight, we prioritize our partnerships with businesses from Grand Valley, Shelburne, Orangeville, and the rest of Dufferin. Our organization will always strive to offer the most innovative and effective services possible. In addition to this, we work with great advertisers from around the world that offer products and services that we stand behind. Be sure to check out the below to learn more about these companies, and how they can benefit you.

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If you’re in Orangeville, Grand Valley, Shelburne, or Mono, click here for an opportunity to be our first local sponsor!

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NordVPN allows you to remain private and secure while online. They keep their customers safe from prying eyes. Unlike many VPN providers, NordVPN does not track (or sell) your data. Their only job is to keep you secure and your activities private, even from internet service providers. Using NordVPN‘s technology, it is easy to stay safe on all devices while getting more out of the web. This includes accessing Netflix’s content catalogs from other countries! Start protecting yourself with NordVPN today!

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LastPass helps solve the problem of passwords, which is people. They make passwords that are easy to remember (hack) and they do not keep them secret (making them pointless). LastPass helps restore the balance of convenience and safety through the use of their secure, but easy to use application. It suggests strong passwords, encrypts data locally, and auto-fills forms securely (you should never copy and paste passwords). LastPass is available for all mobile and desktop operating systems, in addition to extensions for major browsers. There is a reason cybersecurity researchers endorse LastPass, and we do too.

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Microsoft is no longer the software company we grew up with. Although it is still responsible for Windows and Office, today it is primarily a cloud services provider powering much of the web. Microsoft also markets well-designed Surface-branded hardware such as tablets and laptops, in addition to Xbox gaming consoles. The people of Dufferin can utilize Microsoft‘s products and services for business or entertainment, in their office or home.

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For those of you in Orangeville, SkipTheDishes has expanded the catalog of restaurants you can have delivered. They have partnered with a variety of local establishments, both independent and national. This allows restaurants to experience sales they wouldn’t have realized otherwise, in addition to customers having more delivery options. Whether you are at work and can’t get out for lunch, or want to skip making dinner, SkipTheDishes makes it possible for you to get what you want brought to you! 

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