Dufferin does not have enough small businesses

By Josh MacEwen

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Few argue that increasing the number of businesses in our community is a bad thing, although debates do occur over details. The obvious benefit is that the number of local employment opportunities would increase. This would decrease the average commute time for those living in Dufferin. It would also lead to an increase in young adults as there would be more opportunities to stay in Dufferin or return after post-secondary education. All of these factors, in addition to others, resulting in more people spending more time in Dufferin. This increases the amount of money spent in our community, helping sustain these businesses.

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The traditional formula is to work thirty to forty hours a week, and our time is for us to manage our actual lives. A smaller portion of this, free time, is meant for us to recharge and clear our heads. Often, this requires us to spend money and leaves us feeling unfulfilled (binging on food, alcohol, or Netflix). Work can be satisfying, especially when one is in control and providing real value. The satisfaction is compounded when one is enjoying what they do. The most immediate way to achieve all of these is to be self-employed.

Young adults have already learnt this, and the proof is with side hustles. Although these occur more often in the city, as it is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle, there are many examples in Dufferin. The gap in the cost of living between Dufferin and the GTA is quickly shrinking. In addition to this, full-time permanent positions are becoming less available to job seekers. For young people to get ahead, the need for supplemental income will increase. One positive consequence of these changes is that some of these side hustles will mature into real companies. Thankfully, technological and social factors are enabling, and not hindering, this. If this trend continues, which it most likely will, our youngest generation has the potential to be the most entrepreneurial yet. In the future, the number of teenagers making more money than their parents could hit unforeseen levels. As somebody without children, I would be excited to see how that works out.

Source: TED
A quick explanation of why people get into side hustles and the benefits of doing one.

Education, or even intelligence, is not the primary determinant of business success (I say this even though I have a business degree). I argue that it primarily relies on work ethic and the ability to seize an opportunity. We all have examples of business leaders getting by with one of these qualities, and examples of those truly succeeding when they have both. Everything else, while increasing one’s options, will not lead to a successful business leader. This is positive, as it allows business ownership to be an equalizer in our society and a vehicle to true independence.

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