Artists and Musicians, it’s time to get to work

Full Disclosure: We are affiliated with and Fiverr, but I stand behind every word I have written. This article is useful even if you use their competitors, especially for artists and musicians.

By Josh MacEwen

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I was wrong. For all of my life, I have had little interest in the fine arts, as I did not find it useful. Also, I have no artistic abilities whatsoever, and that didn’t bother me because I didn’t think it was important for business and making money. Like I said earlier, I was wrong.

If you are an artist, there are many opportunities to be your own boss or grow your existing business. It doesn’t matter if you are operating a studio in Orangeville, have some extra time between farm chores in Grand Valley (I’m from Grand Valley so I am allowed to stereotype), or are giving lessons out of your home in Shelburne. With the readily available tools, you can access a new client base, from individual consumers to business clients.

I realized how artists were valuable in business when we began Dufferin’s Spotlight. We needed a logo, as do most companies, and music for our content. Many think that music is not required for most businesses, which is what I thought too, but I was mistaken once again. Successful, growing companies are creating content to reach customers and we advocate that Dufferin businesses do the same. Good content requires music. Finding great, original music is hard to find, especially if you want to use it legally.

So to get started, one of the first things you’ll need is a website. This may sound hard and expensive, but that is not true. You can start off with, even just a free package, as they allow you to grow your website with your business. Over 33% of the web runs on WordPress. As a result, support is easy to find and there are plenty of free tutorials. You can upgrade to a higher package when you need it. This website should be used, at the very least, to display your portfolio of work. These can be songs, instrumental tracks, or artistic pieces. Just make sure your best work is on display for the world to see. Facebook isn’t good enough for this. You want to keep ownership of your work once it’s on the web. You own what you put on , not The Zuck. To make sure your fans and customers can get in touch with you, create a contact form and include social media details on your website. Later on, you can add features like shopping carts and a custom domain. As your business grows, you can improve your website along the way.

Source: Let’s Build WordPress — WP Tutorials
This guy has good videos, and an even better accent. Ignore the stuff about HostGator, they’re a reseller. You can lose options and support when using a reseller of WordPress. Go straight to the source.

Now just because you have a website doesn’t mean you have a company. You need customers, and Fiverr is a great place to find them. Becoming a seller on Fiverr will allow you to showcase your abilities while bringing in cash. You will be able to offer different service packages for whatever jobs you offer, increasing flexibility for both you and your customers. The catch with Fiverr is that they take a 20% cut, which is rather steep, but if you price accordingly you will still come out ahead. My advice is to use these jobs to build customer loyalty and to generate traffic to your website. This is where you show off your true artistic abilities and start building a business by selling the work you are passionate about. Eventually, you will have enough of a proven portfolio that you can start marketing your products and services locally, with confidence that you will succeed.

Source: Fiverr
This is a short video about taking the first step with Fiverr. Click here for the next step.

I am going to be honest and disclose that we made our own logo and music, but we’re a young company. There are more established companies, like many in Dufferin, who need to update their logo or require the means to create compelling content. These are just a few examples of how artists’ services are needed in our area. All you need to do is market yourself properly. The deeper you dive into Fiverr, the more you’ll see how in demand your skill set is. The smartest businesses already realize the need for artists and musicians. The earlier you get yourself established, the more likely you will be ready for when everybody else jumps on the bandwagon.

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