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I Don’t Pay for Antivirus Software

By Josh MacEwen

A text image that says "Safety should be free. Now it can be."

I think it is a waste of money for most people. Antivirus software is invasive and can introduce more entry points for attacks. Regardless of the developer, injecting antivirus into the operating system creates new vulnerabilities. The problem is that people need to protect themselves and their data from things such as ransomware. Once January 2020 hits, even more people will be exposed. Read more


By Josh MacEwen

A Text image that says "When it comes to passwords, ignorance is bliss"

And that keeps me secure. If you know your password, that means you can tell it to somebody else. It also means you can reuse it for more than one account, which over fifty perfect of people do. If you do either of these things, your passwords are not keeping you secure. Read more

Dufferin does not have enough small businesses

By Josh MacEwen

A Text image that says "More businesses leads to more jobs"

Few argue that increasing the number of businesses in our community is a bad thing, although debates do occur over details. The obvious benefit is that the number of local employment opportunities would increase. This would decrease the average commute time for those living in Dufferin. It would also lead to an increase in young adults as there would be more opportunities to stay in Dufferin or return after post-secondary education. All of these factors, in addition to others, resulting in more people spending more time in Dufferin. This increases the amount of money spent in our community, helping sustain these businesses. Read more

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