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Vivid Moments, Vivid Memories Art Show

Photo of Artist Kayla Jackson - Supplied by Connie Munson
Photo of Artist Kayla Jackson by Mary Perkins – Supplied by Connie Munson

A solo art show featuring local artist Kayla Jackson is taking place!

Vivid Moments, Vivid Memories is remarkable for a number of reasons.  Be amazed at the unabashed “love letter to my hometown” from a 20-something young adult who produced the bulk of this opus, over 60 pieces, in a four month period while she was still a student at Sheridan College.  Jackson has a ‘fire in her belly’ when it comes to art and history, and both of these combined for this show. 

What: Vivid Moments, Vivid Memories Art Show Featuring Work by Kayla Jackson
Where: Alton Mill Arts Centre in The Falls Gallery
Start Date: August 4, 2021
End Date: August 15, 2021
Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Upon learning that there was development planned for the picturesque and historical hamlet of Alton, she spoke with local, renown artist, Paul Morin, whose art gallery is at 19741 Main St, Alton, ON L7K 0C3.  As their discussions evolved, she ended up with a mentor, and under his guidance started to sketch, paint, and document the old buildings and homes in Alton.  Additional pieces have since been done and you can view 70 some paintings that will capture your heart and imagination with their verve and vitality!

Attendance was very good at the “soft opening” on Thursday, August 5 with her mentor, Paul Morin, also in attendance to speak and mingle with the guests.  The mini-masterpieces were selling briskly, along with some mid-sized 8×10 and 9×12 pieces.  The larger pieces were drawing a lot of attention and discussion from people. 

Do make time for enjoying this spectacular showing of Jackson’s works, Vivid Moments, Vivid Memories, truly a love letter to Alton with local images that are also iconic of small towns and rural life anywhere.

Kayla Jackson – Canadian Painter
Connie Munson (ecmunson)
Connie Munson (ecmunson)

Involved with several arts organizations in the area, such as Beaux Arts Gallery, Credit Valley Artisans, and Headwaters Arts, ecmunson sits on the HA board and is honoured to have work accepted in the DVSA’s prestigious event. A regular contributor to arts newsletters and local media with arts and cultural related columns, she recently launched her website, Studio By Design© with its subscriber-based Artful Pics BULLETIN.

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