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What’s up for Orangeville’s Council Meeting tonight

Integrity commissioner reports on the mayor, a recommendation for a land sale, and more are on the dock for the August 9, 2021 Orangeville council meeting.

Tonight, at Orangeville’s council meeting, listed items include a presentation from the Orangeville Kin Club requesting a road closure for a road toll, a resident doing a delegation regarding the crosswalks on Broadway, and more.

Below is an assortment of other matters detailed in Orangeville council’s August 9, 2021, meeting agenda.

Reports from Orangeville’s Former Integrity Commissioner

The agenda includes a report from the former Integrity Commissioner regarding Mayor Sandy Brown and his letter announcing his resignation from the Police Services Board. The resident who filed the complaint claimed several breaches of the code of conduct, including that the letter was ‘harassing in its nature’ and ‘an attempt to bully a fellow councillor.’ 

At a special council meeting on March 25, Mayor Brown explained that he was required to step down from the police services board due to an investigation by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) over alleged code of conduct issues. In his resignation letter, the mayor contended that Councillor Todd Taylor made the ‘politically-motivated’ complaint. Mayor Brown recommended that council vote in Deputy Mayor Andy Macintosh to take his place.

Giorno reveals that Mayor Brown did not respond to the complaint and that Councillor Taylor did not respond to the mayor’s letter. The report outlines that Councillor Taylor considers it inappropriate for the police services board members to comment on the matter due to the OCPC investigation. Given the lack of information, Giorno found that the mayor’s letter did not contravene the code of conduct. Councillor Taylor’s stated inability to comment was cited as a factor in this decision.

In Mayor Sandy Brown’s address at the beginning of the council meeting where he resigned from the police services board, he declared that ‘all of the investigation will be made public’ once completed.

Giorno submitted a second report about a separate investigation into Mayor Brown resulting from another town resident taking issue with his Facebook posts in January following the acquittal of former Orangeville police constable Stephen Fisher of charges of breach of trust and disseminating a private communication. Regarding the Facebook posts, Giorno did not find Brown in contravention of the code of conduct.

In May, the Town of Orangeville appointed Charles A. Harnick, ADR Chambers Inc., as integrity commissioner. An hourly rate of $300 will be billed for future investigations and providing advice, in addition to an annual retainer of $2,000. The old rate charged by Giorno was $100 an hour, with a $90 yearly retainer. In a document submitted to council on April 26, 2021, Giorno stated that it was improper to put his name forward for an extension of his position due to two ongoing Code of Conduct proceedings in Orangeville and the importance of operating independently. 

“There must be no suggestion that the outcome of those cases is influenced in any manner by the prospect of an extension,” affirmed Giorno. 

Local Business to Make STEM Awareness Presentation

Sanskriti Shindakar of OBotz Robotics Orangeville will be presenting to Orangeville’s council regarding awareness for children’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs in the area. The corresponding slide deck pronounces low engagement in STEM programs and a lack of awareness and opportunities, exacerbated by elementary teachers with limited experience. 

OBotz is offering free STEM summer camps, along with month-long competitions and in-school workshops. There is a request for the town to support the endeavour by e-mailing the public and promoting the business’s initiatives through the municipality’s website and social media channels.

OBotz Robotics Orangeville bills itself as a local, family-owned business that teaches kids the principles of STEM and robotics. OBotz has held robotic design and science case competitions. The company also offers coding, robotics, and STEM workshops. 

Orangeville Expected to Sell Rail Spur Land Next to 120 C Line

Town staff will be submitting a report recommending the sale of rail spur land next to 120 C Line, legally described as Parts 3 and 4, to Aligroup Properties Inc. for $400,000.

An appraisal valued the land at $425,000 to $475,000 per acre, discounted at 60% for bi-lateral conditions of sale, resulting in a market value range of $350,000 to $390,000. The document states that the town’s solicitor reviewed and approved the agreement, and the municipality paid for the land appraisal and its own legal costs. 

Orangeville’s council meeting is expected to begin at 5:30 pm, with the portion open to the public beginning at 7:00 pm. One can view the forum live and on-demand via the Town of Orangeville’s YouTube Page. The August 9, 2021, Orangeville Council meeting agenda can be found on the town’s website. The document contains details on speaking on the listed items and raising a question during the question period.

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