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Alder Street Recreation Centre Pools To Be Replaced

Alder Street Recreation Centre Pools To Be Replaced

The Alder Street Recreation Centre will be getting new steel pools!

On July 12, 2021, Orangeville Council received a staff report on replacing the pool liners at the Alder Street Recreation Centre. It contained several alternatives, although the recommended and most expensive option was accepted by council. The town will replace the current setup with a complete stainless steel lap pool and a leisure pool with stainless steel sides with a vinyl PVC membrane floor. The six-lane lap pool will be expanded to eight lanes, and spray pad features will be added. $4,600,534.70 was the total amount shown for the Alder Street Rec Centre pool replacement, with sponsorship opportunities being explored. The project is expected to be completed by September. 

Last September, council resolved to replace the pool liner at the Alder Street Recreation Centre with a budget of $3 million. An additional $125,000 was allocated for the design and management of the project. According to the staff report, consultants advised that the value of materials rising has caused the project to cost more than expected. A significant factor identified was the steep increase in the raw cost of stainless steel, going from $2.10 to $4.30 per pound. Options to alter the scope of the pool replacement, such as going with PVC liner or eliminating spray features, were presented to allow council the opportunity to get closer to the original budget. 

The report shows the cost breakdown for the pool replacement as follows.

  • $2,841,050.00 – Lap pool with a stainless-steel finish and all associated components
  • $227,500.00 – Nature Filtration system and all components
  • $1,120,600.00 – Leisure pool with stainless steel sides and a vinyl membrane floor
  • $148,175.00 – Cash allowance for spray pad features
  • $216.866.25 – Contingency
  • $46,343.45 – non-rebate-able HST 

At the July 12 council meeting, Ray Osmond, Orangeville’s General Manager of Community Services, told councillors how sticking with a vinyl floor for the leisure pool is advised as there is no therapeutic pool. A vinyl floor is said to be better for those with hip and knee issues, as well as other medical conditions. Also, given the low depth, repairs are less cumbersome in the leisure pool than in the lap pool.

The staff report explains how the town has applied for funding to support the Alder Street pool project and related equipment upgrade under the federal government Green and Inclusive Community Building program. If granted, it is stated that the money would help eliminate or partially offset the project’s cost increase. The total project grant request is $7,485,472.60, with the federal government’s share is $4,691,283.20. The complete project includes the stainless-steel pool upgrade, a rooftop HVAC unit for the pool, and replacing the existing refrigeration system to allow 100% recovery of waste heat generated from making ice. The document delineates how the heat is redirected to warm the pool water along with showers, ice resurfacing water, and other overall building efficiencies. Staff recommended that the $2 million budgeted for the sustainable refrigeration system’s design and installation scheduled for completion in 2022, be appropriated to the pool to provide the required funding. The text tells how the funding reallocation would allow time to identify other grant opportunities for the refrigeration system should the GICB application be denied. Osmond said that the town should receive a response in the next couple of months.

The document lists the benefits of going with a stainless steel-lined pool vs. PVC and other materials, one being longevity. Osmond explained how the lifespan of PVC pools is debatable, generally being less than 15 years. Osmond said that steel pools could last over 30 years. Furthermore, Osmond shared how the existing lap pool at the Alder Street Recreation Centre has been repaired three times in the last fifteen years.

“These are shutdowns, big shutdowns, long shutdowns,” emphasized Osmond. “In the case of stainless steel, you won’t see a shutdown.”

Other benefits of a steel-lined pool are listed below.

  • 90% reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional pool systems
  • 95% less maintenance over the pool’s lifespan
  • 50% faster installation time
  • 75% energy and water savings when combined with proper filters
  • reduced chemical consumption
  • Easier and cheaper to blend any future design changes
  • Keeps finish with proper maintenance of wiping/cleaning 
  • Doesn’t leak if the proper water chemistry is maintained
  • Doesn’t require retiling or patching
  • Doesn’t crack or erode easily

Moreover, the hygiene benefits of stainless-steel pools are mentioned. Due to the smooth, joint-free surface, bacteria and deposits cannot attach easily.

Osmond stated that demolition of the existing pools at the Alder Street Recreation Centre is expected to begin this upcoming week.

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