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Members Added to Orangeville Men’s Homelessness Committee


Members of the community have been appointed to Orangeville Men’s Homelessness Committee. 

On July 12, 2021, town staff submitted a report to Orangeville council regarding appointing members and changing the terms of reference for the Men’s Homelessness Committee approved in April. The committee’s mandate is to advise and identify options for establishing a permanent emergency shelter and support services to assist men in crisis. Due to the number of citizens interested in serving on the committee, council increased the public appointments from six to eight.

On June 10, 2021, town staff notified the public that citizens who reside in, work, or volunteer in Orangeville could apply to join the committee. Members were chosen based on service sector experience in housing and outreach, emergency shelter, drop-ins, mental health, addictions, legal, and youth. Those who had experienced or were directly impacted by homelessness were invited to join as well.

The members of the public appointed to Orangeville’s Men’s Homelessness Committee are

  • Anthony Carnovale
  • Christopher Sheehan
  • James Jackson
  • Louis Sapi
  • Margo Young
  • Michael Demczur
  • Nolan Bentley
  • Terrance Carter

Furthermore, Mayor Sandy Brown, Councillor Debbie Sherwood, and Councillor Joe Andrews will represent Orangeville council on the committee. A staff report regarding the committee’s terms of reference shows that two delegates from either the Dufferin County Community Advisory Board, Dufferin County Health and Human Services committee, or a social service agency will comprise the rest of Orangeville’s Men’s Homelessness Committee.

Councillor Andrews and Councillor Sherwood shared how community members who had not been selected had reached out to them, signifying their interest.

“I think that these individuals that I’ve spoken to in particular are looking for the opportunity at some point just to listen, learn and potentially even participate in some subcommittee work if that ever ends up developing,” stated Councillor Andrews.

Mayor Brown revealed how he had checked with town staff and discovered that only members of the full committee could participate in sub-committee work. The committee may invite people with subject matter expertise to share information on resources, identify service needs, and provide feedback on the committee. Meetings are open for public attendance, times for which will be displayed on the town’s website. Mayor Brown communicated that it is expected that the first meeting for Orangeville’s Men’s Homelessness Committee will be held before the end of July.

The terms of reference for Orangeville’s Men’s Homelessness Committee state the group’s goals and objectives. The committee will first review the needs assessment that is currently underway through the University of Guelph. They will also meet with Dufferin County staff to study men’s homelessness in Orangeville and Dufferin County. The county maintains a by-name list tracking the status of those in the area experiencing homelessness. The second phase will include formulating recommendations regarding the next steps based on the needs assessment and then reporting back to council. The committee will submit a recommendation report to council identifying operational needs, resources, program delivery considerations, and options for a permanent emergency shelter location. The committee is also expected to identify any necessary funding requirements and possible fundraising opportunities.

At the June 28, 2021, Orangeville Council meeting, Mayor Brown communicated that council intends to have a solution in place ‘before the snow flies.’ 

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