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Truth & Reconciliation: Mulmur Following Shelburne’s Lead

Mulmur Follows Shelburne's Lead On Truth & Reconciliation

Following Shelburne’s lead, Mulmur has recommitted to advancing the calls to action directed to municipalities listed in the report released by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Recently, Shelburne council passed a motion charging all levels of government with implementing the 94 calls to action contained within the 2015 report released by Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation committee. Moreover, the calls to action directed to municipal governments will be referred by Shelburne’s council to the town’s diversity, equity, and inclusion advisory committee. The committee will report back with plans of action for implementing the calls deemed applicable to Shelburne. 

On July 7, 2021, Mulmur council received the correspondence regarding Shelburne’s passed motion. Councillors unanimously decided to refer the calls to action directed towards municipalities to staff for implementation where locally applicable.

Mulmur Chief Administrative Officer Tracey Atkinson told councillors that she had gone through the 94 calls to action in the Truth & Reconciliation report and will be bringing a report to council in the near future. Mulmur does not have a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee. 

“I read them, and they’re not onerous,” said Mulmur Mayor Janet Horner. “But they are things that we have to keep in mind when we’re making decisions.”

That same day, Amaranth council also received Shelburne’s communication regarding the calls to action. Council did not refer any of the calls to staff to determine which applies to Amaranth or the town’s diversity, equity, and inclusion committee for recommendations on implementation.

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