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Shelburne To Reduce Speed Limit To 40 KM/Hour


Following Orangeville’s move to lower the speed limit of the vast majority of the town’s roads to 40 kilometres an hour, Shelburne will soon be doing the same.

On June 28, 2021, Shelburne’s council discussed calming traffic measures on Greenwood Avenue, which involved a failed motion regarding the installation of temporary speed humps. Liability concerns involving cyclists and those riding motorbikes were cited, in addition to wanting to wait on a traffic speeding enforcement options report that will provide more insights. Afterwards, Shelburne councillors acted on a suggestion made by staff to reduce the speed limit for the entire community to 40 km/hour. Staff will report back to councillors at the July 12 meeting with the necessary bylaw amendments required to implement the speed reduction.

“It will take a little bit of time to do some provisions, but similar to Orangeville, they have signage when you enter their community that all roads are 40 kilometres,” said Shelburne’s Chief Administrative Officer Denyse Morrissey.

The current exception to the speed limit reduction is the connecting links which are Owen Sound Street (Highway 10) and Main Street (Highway 10/89). CAO Morrissey stated that staff would attempt to get support from the Ministry of Transportation to include the connecting link, but that may take additional time.

Councillor Lindsay Wegener moved the motion to lower the speed limit of the town’s roads to 40 km per hour, with Councillor Walter Benotto seconding. Shelburne’s council unanimously supported the move.

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