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Filming Occurring on Orangeville’s Broadway This Canada Day

Filming TO OCCUR along Orangeville's Broadway on Canada Day

On June 28, the Town of Orangeville shared on Facebook that filming will be taking place on July 1, with rolling closures happening along Broadway throughout the day.

The post states that starting at approximately 6 pm on June 30 to 9 pm on July 1, the parking lot east of 200 Little York Street will be mostly closed. Twenty spaces will be kept open on the southern part of the parking lot.

Furthermore, there will be no parking on the south side of Broadway between First Street and Mill Street during the same period.

The filming will be for the television show ‘Overlord and the Underwoods,’ a family series featuring an alien in ‘an intergalactic witness protection program’ hiding out in the attic of its distant cousins’ suburban home. One of the showrunners, Anthony Q. Farrell, worked on NBC’s ‘The Office,’ in addition to CBC’s ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie.’ ‘Overlord and the Underwoods’ has been filming intermittently in the area, including Orangeville and Mono, since May. Another show, ‘Ruby and the Well,’ has also been shooting scenes throughout Dufferin.

Marblemedia, the production company behind the television show, has a history in Dufferin County. Based in Toronto, the company produced ‘Splatalot,’ described as a medieval style ‘Wipeout’ for teens, all 52 episodes of which were filmed in Amaranth. It aired on YTV in Canada and other networks across North America and Europe for two seasons, with the last episode airing in 2013. The set remained on the land owned by Marblemedia after the show ended, as there were plans to repurpose it. Eventually, it became an unauthorized attraction before it was demolished in 2019. A few years prior, The Orangeville Banner reported that Amaranth’s Council formally requested Marblemedia to do more to limit trespassers on the property.

Follow the Town of Orangeville’s social media accounts to stay informed with the latest information.

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