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Businesses Operating in Mono Parks Without Permits

Operating A Business in Monora Park or other Mono parks? Get a permit or risk a fine!

There are more occurrences of people using Monora Park in ways that are not warranted. This time it is not people taking up residence at Mono parks, but people trying to make money through them.

“I’ve had reports about a number of different businesses running their programs or advertising for the program to take place at our parks without any type of permit,” revealed Kim Heaton, Mono’s Director of Recreation, at the town’s June 22, 2021, council meeting. “It is in contravention to the parks bylaw. You’re not allowed to run business opportunities out of our parks without some type of permit from us.”

Heaton told how there are stories of yoga instructors, fitness instructors, photographers, and other businesses operating without authorization in areas such as Monora Park.

“I’m attempting to get in touch with these people to remind them,” said the recreation director. “You cannot run a business out of our parks without some type of permit from us.”

According to the Town of Mono’s Parks & Town Lands Bylaw, to practice, conduct, or solicit any trade, occupation, amusement, business, or profession in the parks without Town approval is a nuisance offence. Moreover, selling merchandise and services in Mono parks to be delivered immediately or in the future without Town approval is another violation of the bylaw. Those breaching the Mono Parks & Town Lands Bylaw could be subject to a minimum fine of $100, with the maximum being $2000.

In related news, Kim Heaton shared how an internet provider is looking at Monora Park as a possible site for upgraded internet.

“I have yet to speak with our IT manager in regards to it, but it sounded very, very positive yesterday,” told Heaton. “That’s pretty exciting news considering that the majority of our renters are looking for a form of high-speed internet out there.”

Heaton said she would communicate back to Mono council any updates on the internet situation at Monora Park.

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