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Dufferin County Road 109 & County Road 3: Roundabout?


On May 27, 2021, Dufferin County’s Infrastructure and Environmental Services Committee got a request from an Orangeville resident to put in a roundabout at the intersection of Dufferin County Road 3 and Dufferin County Road 109.

Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown, Chair of Dufferin County’s Infrastructure and Environmental Services Committee, asked county engineer Scott Burns for more details on the matter.

Burns explained how he had spoken with the resident on a few different topics, including whether a roundabout could be placed at Dufferin County Road 109 and County Road 3.

“I informed him that is something that could become a reality in that location,” reported Burns. “But there’s a lot of work that needs to happen beforehand.”

Dufferin County Engineer Scott Burns delineated how installing a roundabout would involve environmental assessments, public consultation, and more. He recounted how he had spoken with a consultant for Dufferin County’s transportation master plan regarding whether there was value in developing some form of policy to use when assessing improvements to intersections. Burns said that the committee would see a draft of what that practise may look like, ‘very likely’ in the Fall.

“There are other jurisdictions such as the MTO, as well as other upper tiers, that have a process if an intersection is being reviewed for any safety concerns or any modifications,” outlined Scott Burns. “They will do things such as rule out roundabouts first, prior to moving on to other control measures.”

Chair Brown asked for comments and questions from committee members on roundabouts and whether they thought one should be installed at Dufferin County Road 109 and County Road 3.

“My problem with roundabouts is that they’re all too small,” insisted Amaranth’s Mayor and Dufferin County Councillor Bob Currie. “They’re not big enough to accomodate tractor trailers. They’re for cars.”

Councillor Currie highlighted another concern, this one around safety.

“In my experience, it’s the nicest way to get broadsided,” asserted Currie. “I am not in favour of roundabouts.”

Currie then indicated that a set of traffic lights would be preferable, reiterating that he is not a ’roundabout fan.’

“To refute what you’re saying Councillor Currie,” answered Brown. “Every progressive municipality in Ontario has embraced them.”

Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown described how roundabouts had been successfully implemented in the Collingwood and Wasaga Beach area. He mentioned the two roundabouts on Highway 26, connecting the two municipalities, an 80-kilometre road.

“You’re right, there needs to be real estate to accomodate a larger roundabout for tractor trailers,” informed Brown. “But they are being built.”

Chair Sandy Brown then highlighted how the environmental benefits to roundabouts due to there not being a need to brake and idle. Brown then addressed Currie’s worry around safety and broadsides.

“You can get a broadside accident,” admitted Brown. “But there’s no T-Bone accidents, which is where people get killed at lighted intersections.

Brown reminded his colleagues of the accidents at Riddell Road and Spencer Avenue. As published by the Orangeville Citizen, in 2017, a 67-year-old man was killed while making a left-hand turn onto Spencer Avenue off of Riddell Road. The Citizen reported how Brown advocated for a roundabout in the vicinity of that intersection after a delegation pleaded for council to make the intersection safer.

“As much as you’re against them, I’m a big fan of them,” shared Orangeville’s mayor.

Chair Brown told Currie that they would further debate roundabouts in Dufferin County when the master transportation and traffic management plans were brought to them later in the year.

Dufferin County’s Infrastructure and Environmental Services Committee voted to receive the Orangeville resident’s request for the roundabout at the intersection of Dufferin County Road 3 and Dufferin County Road 109.

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