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Dufferin Oaks Front Entrance Project $94,500 Over Budget


On May 27, 2021, Dufferin County’s Health and Human Services Committee received a staff report about replacing the front entrance canopy, walkway, and gardens of the Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care facility. It was initially budgeted to cost $190,000. After being put out to tender, the expenses related to the project will exceed the planned amount by $94,500.

“We did budget for a certain amount and it did exceed that budget when we went to the tender process,” explained Brenda Wagner, Administrator of Dufferin Oaks. Wagner also informed committee members of how there were eight separate bids on the project.

“If you had eight people bid, then you got the price that it costs,” asserted Dufferin County Councillor Philip Rentsch, who is also Grand Valley’s Deputy Mayor. “I would suspect, as with everything else, that prices have gone up in the last year, by a lot, which is unfortunate.”

Initially approved in 2019, followed by the completion of the design in early 2020, the Dufferin Oaks Front Entrance design was unable to be implemented last year due to the consequences of the pandemic. During the 2021 budget approval process, updated costs were presented and approved so the project could take place this year. Since then, the price of a variety of construction materials have risen. Although market indicators, such as values of lumber futures, show that this could subside to a certain extent in the coming months, staff are saying there is a need for urgency due to the tripping hazards for Dufferin Oaks residents. It mentions that to reconstruct the path correctly, the canopy will need to be removed and replaced too.

Wagner explained the project’s scope to committee members and how it would include restoring all the interlock leading into the home and along the front of the building.

“It’s been heaving and it’s causing a tripping hazard, and then to replace the canopy that shelters our residents when they’re going in and out of the building,” delineated Wagner. “Also to refresh the gardens at the front.”

The original budgeted figure of $190,000 to replace Dufferin Oaks front entrance canopy, walkway, and gardens were based on market prices before the rise in the cost of construction materials. This dollar figure also included the costs of design already incurred. The amount of the bid awarded the contract was $269,501.61.

“The bulk of the cost is the canopy,” said Wagner, then telling how it was between $30,000 and $40,000 for the heated concrete walkway. The administrator also declared that this was the most suitable time to replace the gardens.

Dufferin County’s Health and Human Services Committee approved the cost overages and awarded the contract to Avion Construction Group Inc.

The funds required to replace the front entrance canopy, walkway, and gardens of the Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care facility come from capital reserves. The cost overages associated with the project so far will also be taken from the same account.

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