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More Filming of ‘Ruby and the Well’ in Grand Valley

More Filming of 'Ruby and the Well' in 
Grand Valley

On June 8, 2021, at the Grand Valley Council meeting, those attending were informed that more filming would occur in the town. Production company Shaftesbury will be back to record more scenes for the television show ‘Ruby and the Well.’ 

Grand Valley’s Chief Administrative Officer Meghan Townsend specified that the production crews would be in town from Monday, June 14 to Thursday, June 17. Like production company Shaftesbury’s previous visit, the set-up would be performed in the Grand Valley and District Community Centre parking lot. Townsend said that filming would take place on Crozier Street, Amaranth Street East, in addition to the Ponsford Street and King Street area. Scenes will also be shot at the ball diamond and splash pad property on River Street.

According to a since-deleted entry on Shaftesbury’s website, Ruby and the Well is a family show about 12-year old Ruby and her father inheriting an apple orchard. The pair is disappointed to discover that the orchard and the surrounding region are ‘dried up.’ There seems to be no way forward until Ruby finds an enchanted wishing well on the property and becomes the well’s new ‘keeper.’ The main plot of the show being that it is Ruby’s responsibility to grant all of the unfulfilled wishes in the well to rejuvenate the orchard and the valley around it. In addition to Grand Valley, Melancthon was also chosen as a filming location for the production.

Shaftesbury has filmed more than just ‘Ruby and the Well’ in Grand Valley. The second season of its suspense drama, ‘Departure,’ was shot in the town last year. Many scenes were filmed along the town’s main street, including the community centre and the old schoolhouse.

It looks like Grand Valley is becoming a hot spot for filming.

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