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Clean. Disinfect. Clean. Disinfect. Is This Enough?

Protect 90 May Help!

Protect 90: Clean. Disinfect. Clean. Disinfect. Is This Enough?

The past year has emphasized the importance of proper sterilization practices. It has also exposed the limitations of regular cleaning and disinfecting products.

Hamilton-based Protect Technologies, a company specializing in antimicrobial technology and delivering surface protection for approximately ten years, has repurposed an existing product, AEGIS, into the Protect 90 anti-microbial spray for businesses and the home.

“It’s a product that you can’t see, can’t feel, can’t smell, and it won’t hurt any of the surfaces,” explains the president of Protect Technologies, Colin Dickey. “We’ve set it up in such a way that the business owners are able to apply it themselves in this type of setting and offer an added layer of protection as part of their strategy to create a clean, safe workspace.”

The ’90’ in ‘Protect 90’ comes from the product’s application supposedly lasting for approximately 90 days. Although Protect 90 will not replace established cleaning and disinfection procedures, the claim is that in between these routines, surfaces that are touched frequently by many people are kept cleaner.

“Just because a surface looks clean, does not mean it is microbe free,” as stated on the Protect 90 website. “We can see when dirt and grime is removed by cleaning. We can’t see whether microbes have actually been removed or are happily living in place.”

To let customers know that businesses are taking these extra steps, Protect Technologies offers stickers that enterprises can make available for public viewing.

“It’s just something that the business owner can put on their window or their door, just to show their customers, ‘Hey, look, we have an extra layer of protection here.’ It’s something to give us, as a visitor, that extra feeling of precaution and safety,” shares Dickey.

Protect Technologies has moved from distributing the product in Canada to managing it globally. Clients include organizations in the transportation, education, hospitality, and fitness industries. They have also been employed by in emergency services. In Dufferin County, Protect 90 has been used at the Mill Street Mall.

“We are so pleased to have Protect 90 in the Mill Street Mall. We know the businesses will feel confident having Protect 90 on their high touch surfaces,” said Dickey. “It shows this commercial property and its businesses are committed to keeping their employees and customers safe.”

AEGIS, the anti-microbial technology that Protect 90 is built on, was initially commercialized by Dow Corning in the 1970s. According to Dickey, it was first developed for treating carpets but has since been employed in various applications, including brand-name clothing and bedsheets. While the number of uses for AEGIS has expanded, Protect Technologies noticed another market that could benefit from it.

“Our role is helping companies figure out how to apply this on transit fleets, in long-term care facilities, office towers, warehouses, or a bunch of cabs. Through that, we realized there’s a gap. Some companies are too small to bring in a big external cleaning team. The cleaning is usually done by the owner or their team and we needed to work out a way that they would have a product small enough, economical enough, that they could do a treatment on their own and still achieve some of the benefits that were intended, creating a cleaner safer environment. That’s where Protect 90 was born.”

Protect 90 can be used on hard and soft surfaces, as well as electronics. Dickey portrays its use as a ‘spray and wipe’ and says, “if you can manage Windex, you can probably manage this.” One can see the Protect 90 training video here, which also addresses the required PPE.

“It is a very important point to be wearing your gloves, masks, and glasses when you start mixing the active ingredients,” explains Dickey in the video, which illustrates PPE also being worn while applying the product.

If one is interested in inquiring about Protect 90, one can find more details on their website.

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