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Branching Out Support Services: Part 2 – Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business

Hey Dufferin, this is episode 25 of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business! This week, Kimberly Van Ryn returns, who is the executive director of Branching Out Support Services located at 5 First Street in Orangeville! Through Branching Out Support Services, Kim and her team create beneficial and engaging opportunities for everyone, with a focus on including people with developmental differences from our community.

We spoke to Kim on December 1st, the day of Branching Out’s one year anniversary. Kim shares how they’ve had to adjust their day-program due to the new requirements that keep their participants safe. For those who do not remember, BOSS’s day program emphasizes a wide variety of skill-building with the intent of preparing their participants for successful and happy lives with us in our community. Furthermore, Kim tells us about Branching Out Support Service’s “One Year, One Community” campaign that you can take part in! We also learn about New Growth, the space Branching Out just expanded to. That’s right, this new business is succeeding despite the limitations that the pandemic has brought on! There’s more we discuss, including BOSS’s plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve, so be sure to check this out!

To keep up with everything Kim and the BOSS crew are up to, check out their website,, and follow Branching Out Supports Services on Facebook and Instagram To listen to our previous episode with Kim Van Ryn of Branching Out Support Services, check it out here

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Dufferin’s Spotlight, Strengthening Local Community 

Hosted by: Josh MacEwen

Branching Out Support Services
5 First Street, Orangeville, ON

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