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Town of Orangeville launches COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards

When recognizing an outstanding community member through the COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards, the Orangevillle Food Bank will also benefit!

“I am proud of the way this community pulled together this year to offer support to those in need,” said Orangeville’s Deputy Mayor Andy Macintosh. “It’s a challenging historical period and we have seen many examples of people coming together and lifting others up or lending a hand.”

In Orangeville, it is possible to formally recognize members of the community for their contributions while simultaneously helping make sure food is continued to be provided to those in need.

On Tuesday, October 20, the COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards program was launched by the Town of Orangeville in efforts to highlight outstanding efforts in the community during the pandemic.

Criteria for the COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards program will be based on nominees displaying at least one of the following: positive community contribution, volunteerism, acts of kindness, providing an essential service, in addition to leadership and support in the community.

Nominations are not limited just to residents, companies and organizations can be nominated as well. There are countless instances of local businesses stepping up to the plate, going above and beyond to support the people of Dufferin. Case in point, Curry Mantra, an authentic Indian restaurant, has been feeding those in need since the beginning of the pandemic.

“People have had to stretch their imaginations to accept change, to be innovative to offer needed services and to be understanding of those who struggle with different aspects of living through a pandemic”, said Orangeville’s Deputy Mayor Macintosh.

All nominees who meet the criteria, that have made contributions and shown exemplary support to the community during the pandemic, will be recognized. Award-recipients will also have a donation made in their name to the Orangeville Food Bank.

Nominations for the COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards program can be made through the online form found here, which is located on the Town of Orangeville’s website.

For those looking to make their own donations to the Orangeville Food Bank, that can be done through this link.

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