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Amaranth Diversity & Inclusion Committee is Recruiting!

The newly-created Amaranth Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee is recruiting volunteers! All of Amaranth’s stakeholders are encouraged to join, including high school students. This a chance to get involved in Amaranth’s political process and benefit your community. There will also be opportunities to report and present the committee’s work to township council. Amaranth’s Deputy Mayor Chris Gerrits and community activist Stacey Whittington have been appointed to start the committee. Stacey shares more details on the Amaranth Diversity and Inclusion Committee, in addition to the reasons behind why she got involved and thinks this is important. Get involved and make some change! Send in your letters of interest to by 4 pm on Wednesday, September 30th.

The Township of Amaranth issued the following press release related to this initiative, which can be found here:

Seeking Volunteers for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Advisory CommitteeThe Council of the Township of Amaranth approved the formation of a volunteer Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Committee and is seeking volunteers to fill the newly created Committee. Highschool students are encouraged to apply.

Committee members must be a Township of Amaranth resident, rate payer, business owner or stakeholder. The following general qualifications would be considered an asset;

  • familiarity with community issues
  • have demonstrated knowledge around diversity, equity and inclusion
  • be able to build meaningful relationships and connections within the community

Council shall strive to ensure Committee membership reflects the diversity of the community with particular focus given to marginalized groups who have traditionally faced systemic discrimination including but not limited to Members of the Black Community, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, and people who identify as 2SLGBTQI+.

The term of appointment would be from September 2020 to December 31, 2020 and the duties of the Committee will be as follows;

  • Draft Terms of Reference for the Committee for approval by Council (September 2020 – December 2020)
  • Develop a Plan for the 2021 calendar year (December 2020/January 2021)
  • Present annual report to Council in December 2021 including recommendations.

To apply for a position on the committee, please submit a letter of interest outlining how you can contribute to the successful creation of the committee; meet the qualifications above; what you see as a significant challenge with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion in the Township of Amaranth and the County of Dufferin, and what you hope the committee will be able to accomplish.

Letters of interest should be forwarded to Acting CAO/Clerk Nicole Martin at or put in the drop box at 374028 6th Line, Amaranth, ON L0N 1L0 by 4pm on Wednesday September 30th, 2020.

References – Amaranth Diversity & Inclusion Committee is Recruiting!

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