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Many annual events in Dufferin were cancelled this year due to COVID, and this has caused many of their hosts and supporters to question if they are viable in the future. At the same time, some have been able to pivot their events to an online format, allowing them to stay on course and generate even more interest than before, helping ensure sustainability. Proof of this is Shelburne’s Multicultural Day for 2020, hosted by Althea Casamento.

Althea details how Shelburne’s Multicultural Day is operating now that is has gone virtual, in addition to the importance of the event and its impact on the community. Althea shares how Shelburne’s Multicultural Day originated, who has supported the event, and how it has surpassed expectations.

Shelburne’s Multicultural Day typically takes place in May, but after being postponed due to COVID, it has gone virtual. Better yet, it has become a month-long event taking place in August. This means there is still time to participate by submitting your favourite cultural pieces! This can include arts, crafts, poetry, performances, recipes, and food! To learn more, check out the event’s website and Facebook Group.

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