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Mulmur Movie Nights: Drive-In Theatre in Dufferin

Drive-ins are making a comeback! Even better, you have a chance to experience one in Dufferin County! The Mansfield Outdoor Centre is hosting Mulmur Movie Nights, a series of classic movie screenings. Tonight, on Thursday, July 30th, they are featuring Friday the Thirteenth! Check out #mulmurmovienights on social media to learn more!

Screen timeMovieTickets
Thursday, July 30 – 9:00 pmFriday the 13thHere
Friday, July 31 – 9:00 pmHarry Potter & the Philosopher’s StoneHere
Saturday, August 1 – 9:00 pmIndiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost ArkHere

Josh MacEwen was granted the opportunity by the Mansfield Outdoor Centre to get an inside look at how Mulmur Movie Nights was set up and organized. Josh even had the chance to take video footage. Unfortunately, due to the memory card being corrupted, this footage was not able to be shared. What he did see was a very well-run, organized operation that encouraged and enabled safety. They even had a professional theatre system and an FM transmitter, in addition to a concession stand. It was an authentic drive-in experience and an opportunity to experience some sense of pre-COVID normalcy, while still being safe.

Mulmur Movie Nights was made possible by the dedicated and resourceful staff members of the Mansfield Outdoor Centre, in addition to local sponsors, businesses, and other community members taking part. These sponsors include a substantial list of small, independent businesses. Many of these businesses are owned by people who experienced financial hardship due to COVID, similar to many others in our community, as many businesses are not eligible for government support to make up for lost revenues. Still, they stepped up to make this possible. The people involved in this are supporting the community in a way that most wouldn’t even think of, and you have the opportunity to take part in it!

Screenings start at approximately 9 pm, and the gates open at 8:15 pm. On Saturday, July 31st, they are scheduled to feature Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This will be followed by Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on Saturday. To get tickets, check out or the Eventbrite links below. The Mansfield Outdoor Centre is located in Mulmur at 937365 Airport Rd.

Mansfield Outdoor Centre

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