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Mono Wireless – Startup Competes to Benefit Residents

Internet connectivity has been a problem in Dufferin since the beginning of the technology’s existence. This is even more true in rural areas. We have a local start-up with big plans to fix that. Josh MacEwen interviews Jackie Burnham and Mitch Singh of Mono Wireless to learn more.

Mitch Singh started Mono Wireless after living in Mono and realizing the difficulties and costs to get high-quality internet. He used a competing product, realized it would be insufficient for his needs, and decided to solve the problem himself. Not only that, but Mitch was also determined to solve it for those in his community too.

We learn that Mono Wireless is up-front with its costing, offering truly unlimited bandwidth with no overage fees. Many of Mono Wireless’s customers consume more than a hundred gigabits a week through activities like watching Netflix and live streaming on Twitch. Also, there are no fixed-term contracts! Mitch and Jackie explain that this is a benefit to the customer, as it incentivizes Mono Wireless to always provide the best customer service. This is logical, as the customer would be able to leave if they were ever unsatisfied.

With the skills and knowledge that the team at Mono Wireless possesses and the demand for quality internet services, many will ask if Mono Wireless is coming to their area. One of the biggest barriers to Mono Wireless helping more people is regulation, as this places limits on where Mono Wireless can place their equipment and infrastructure. Thankfully, the Town of Mono and other local representatives are largely supportive of Mono Wireless’s efforts and are working with them so they can provide better connectivity to the town’s residents.

It is easy to root for Mitch, Jackie, and the rest of the team at Mono Wireless. They are fighting to bring a better option to areas of our community that many would consider having been abandoned by companies who charge extraordinary amounts for the little that they do provide. Almost every Canadian can recall a negative experience with one of the big three telecom providers, and many feel like they are forced to do business with them. If successful, Mono Wireless could change this.

It will be a difficult path for Mono Wireless, but if there was ever an argument to shop local, many would consider this to be it.

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