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Not So Hollow Farm – Dufferin's Spotlight on Business

The owners of Not So Hollow Farm, Viki Reynolds and Ian Payne.

Hey Dufferin, this is episode 20 of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business. This week we have Ian Payne and Viki Reynolds of Not So Hollow Farm, which is an indigenous plant farm located in Mulmur, Ontario! Not So Hollow Farm makes available a wide selection of trees, bushes, and perennials that are native to Dufferin. They even have plants you can eat! These are definitely not like the plants you get from the big box store. With their customer service and expertise, Ian and Viki are saving the world one native plant at a time by making sure that our gardens actually benefit the environment. To keep up with the latest from Not So Hollow Farm, check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/notsohollowfarm/ Also, their website notsohollowfarm.ca lets you order your plants online. You can find more content produced by Dufferin’s Spotlight on our website www.dufferinsspotlight.ca. New episodes of our show, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business, are released on Tuesdays. Hosted by: Josh MacEwen

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