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Party Safari – Dufferin's Spotlight on Business

A picture of Jennifer Weaver, the owner of Party Safari. There are also photos of Party Safari's logo and Pokey the Bearded Dragon.

Hey Dufferin, this is episode 19 of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business. This week we have the owner of Party Safari, Jennifer Weaver! Through Party Safari, Jennifer introduces all kinds of critters to those in our community in order to increase kindness towards animals and appreciation for nature. Jennifer cares for a wide variety of animals, including exotics, making it possible for the people of Dufferin to meet all kinds of creatures they may not have had the chance to otherwise. Party Safari caters to groups of all kinds, from classrooms and birthday parties to corporate events and seniors’ residences, making it super easy for you to meet her amazing friends. To keep up with Jennifer and everything she is doing through Party Safari, follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PartySafariCritters/ or check out their website www.partysafari.ca. You can find more content produced by Dufferin’s Spotlight on our website www.dufferinsspotlight.ca. New episodes of our show, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business, will be released every Tuesday. Hosted by: Josh MacEwen and Rob Bailey

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