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The Campfire Poets Part 2 – Dufferin's Spotlight on Business

A picture of Ryan Hancock of the Campfire Poets

Hey Dufferin, this is episode 18 of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business! This week we have the second part of our discussion with Ryan Hancock of The Campfire Poets! The Campfire Poets are one of the most well-known bands in Dufferin, operating for over twenty years, so they need no introduction. They have played every type of venue imaginable, and are frequent headliners at Ribfest, so the community has had plenty of opportunities to see them live! In addition to being able to make a living doing what they love in an intensely competitive industry, The Campfire Poets find ways to give back to our community in a wide variety of ways. An amazing example of this will be on April 11, where they will be hosting a benefit for Sick Kids Hospital at the Orangeville Agricultural Centre, where there will be tons of entertainment for the kids during the afternoon, followed by live bands, food, and drinks in the evening. We cover more details in our discussion, but check https://www.thecampfirepoets.com/concert-for-sickkids if you want more details. We cover a lot in our discussion, so it was split up into two episodes, the first of which released last week. To stay updated on the Campfire Poets, including where you can catch them live next, check out their Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/529882600372026/ or their website https://www.thecampfirepoets.com/. You can find more content produced by Dufferin’s Spotlight on our website www.dufferinsspotlight.ca. New episodes of our show, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business, will be released every Tuesday. Hosted by: Josh MacEwen

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