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Hey Dufferin, this is episode 14 of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business! This week we have Gerry Rooney and Laurie Rooney-Leduc of Team Spirit: The Science Behind Spirit. This is a group that does paranormal investigations! Not only that, they do them for free! In addition to this, they host a Facebook live show every week, where you can chat with them and ask questions in real-time. Josh was even on an episode, and he had a great time! You would be extremely surprised how much paranormal is in Dufferin, particularly in Shelburne! We discuss why this is, along with a variety of other paranormal-related topics, as we learn more about these two great people and their team. Check out this episode to find out more about Team Spirit! You can find more content produced by Dufferin’s Spotlight on our website www.dufferinsspotlight.ca. New episodes of our show, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business, will be released every Tuesday. The website for Team Spirit: The Science Behind Spirit is sciencebehindspirit.ca/ and their Facebook page is facebook.com/sciencebehindspirit/ Hosted by: Josh MacEwen

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