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Orangeville Airsoft – Dufferin’s Spotlight On Business

Hey Dufferin, this is our second episode of Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business! Today we are joined by Joe Orangis of Orangeville Airsoft. Listen in to find out more about his business and the sport of airsoft. If you are interested in learning more about airsoft or require technician services, be sure to check in with Joe Orangis at Orangeville Airsoft.

Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business is a show that profiles Dufferin County business leaders to inform our community on what’s available in the area while highlighting the advantages of shopping locally. New episodes of our show, Dufferin’s Spotlight on Business, are released on Tuesdays. If there is a business located in Dufferin that you think people need to learn more about, let us know by e-mailing

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Dufferin’s Spotlight, Strengthening Local Community 

Hosted by: Josh MacEwen and Rob Bailey

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